Christianity & Science: Friends Or Foe?

Christianity & Science: Friends Or Foe?

For years, some people have seen science and religion as enemies, battling over leadership in this culture. Others see them as separate facts of life that remain unrelated and atheists are saying that science is debunking religion and superstition of all forms. Even though none of those voices hint at the positive relationship between science and Christianity, there are several ways the relationship between the two can be viewed.

Are They Separate?

One of the only ways that you can ease the conflict between Christianity and science is to view them as two totally different things. The one way to do that is to think about science as the knowledge of the world and its behaviour and think about religion as morality, God, and the afterlife. If they are addressing different beliefs, then they cannot conflict.  the reason there is such conflict is because there is a lack of understanding of the fundamental differences between the two.


Christianity vs ScienceEverything in the science and religion world is at peace until someone claims that the Bible answers a scientific question and science answers a question about God, the the conflict erupts again. This is why it is best to keep them separate.

Science and Christianity Enhancing Each Other

Most of the time we can classify a question as scientific or biblical, but there are also those few questions that are on the borderline. The categories of these questions include evolution, medical ethics, and climate change. According to Pope John Paul II, “Science can purify religion from error and superstition; religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish”. By guiding the practical application of scientific discoveries, science can be positively impacted by faith.

Working Together

Although some believe that Christianity and science should be separated, there are those, such as the evangelicals that believe they can work together. It is proven that 20 percent of the U.S. attends church along with 18 percent of scientists who also consider themselves very religious. A new study has found that 27 percent of Americans do believe that there is a conflict between the two, but sociologists believe that these results will help to change the idea that the two are at ideological odds. For science policymakers and educators, they should not have to approach religion with an attitude of combat rather than approach it with collaboration in mind.
For those who love Christianity and science, there is something called Christian Science. This is the feeling and understanding of God’s goodness.  “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also”, these are what the teachings are based on, the word of Christ Jesus. Those who practice Christian science are allowed to make their own individual choices about what to think and what to do in each situation, including health care, relationships, employment, and other personal and global issues through prayer. This is a way to get closer to God and humanity without conflict.

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom

According to the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. The first amendment was meant to keep the government out of religion and guarantee the separation of church and state. This is one of the main reasons why the United States has avoided a lot of religious conflicts that have been responsible for the fall of other nations. There is also the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. This clause gives you the right to worship or not as you choose. You cannot be penalized because of your religious beliefs by the government.

Teaching Religion in Public Schools

This seems to be a hot topic for debate. Half of the nation does not see a problem with incorporating religion with schooling while the other half does. Unfortunately, since public schools are run by the government, they must obey the First Amendment. The schools are allowed to teach about the influences of religion in history and such, but they cannot promote religious beliefs in any way. The only schools that are allowed to do so without criticism are private and parochial schools because they are not government run. Although, even though public schools frown upon religion, students who need to be excused from a school activity because of conflict with their religious beliefs, may do so.

Starting The Day with Prayer

This is another debate that is swirling around the internet, should a teacher be allowed to start the day with a prayer? No. Since 1992, when the Supreme Court decided that graduation prayers are unconstitutional in public schools, it no longer exists. If teachers started doing this, it would give non-believers or the kids of other faiths the feeling that their participation is required. The same goes for student-led prayer, it is unconstitutional. If a student wants hold a private alternative event that includes a prayer, such as a baccalaureate, they can do so but it has to remain off of school grounds.

Is It Okay to Pray in School, Ever?

So, the million-dollar question, is it ever okay to pray in school? Absolutely. Each individual student has the right to pray whenever they please, as long as it does not disrupt anyone else. They cannot try to force others to join in. If a student has been told that they cannot pray at all during school hours, they have the right to exercise their religion is being violated.

Celebrating Religious Holidays in Public Schools

We have all gone into a school and have seen decorations set up for Christmas, Easter, Hannukah and Thanksgiving, is this acceptable? It depends. Making stockings for Christmas, eggs for Easter and dreidels for Hannukah are okay because over a period of time, these have become secular customs. If a student wanted to put on a Nativity pageant, this would be unconstitutional because of its religious meaning.

In public schools, there are no bibles allowed, no praying unless it is to yourself or outside of school and there are no Nativity pageants. Do you think this is unconstitutional? Many people do because back in the day, there was prayer, bible verses and more. This is what religious freedom is all about. You are free to choose to worship or not.

Philosophical Article On Isis

Philosophical Article On Isis

What drives ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, to go as far as killing people? To what extent are they going after, until they are satisfied? Many people have conjured their own understanding of who these groups of people are, but the world knows how brutal and violent this group can be. They have hundreds of innocents who try to defy them, or even those that just do humanitarian aid.


General Information About ISIS

The United States of America has identified and classified as an international terrorist group. They are mainly operating in Syria and Iraq, and its main goal is to establish an Islamic state or caliphate, in the very same area they are occupying, including Lebanon. They are known for other names as well: the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Connection Between al Qaida and ISIS

They were once allied with each other, but at some point in time, they seem to have internal struggles about the role of ISIS over Syria. al Qaida has said that ISIS’s ways in pushing their ideals are too brutal and have gone astray from the current push in toppling the President of Syria, Bashar Assad. Recently, the chief of al Qaida, Ayman al Zawahiri has issued an order to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, that they should withdraw, including its forces away from Syria, but the leader ignored such order.


Scale of Power Between ISIS and al Qaida

There is no exact details as to how much power both group holds, but basing on the recent victories on ISIS’s capture over military power and their control over a large expanse of land in many countries is enough to give them that their influence and power is far greater than al Qaida today. They have shown their prowess by besting the military of Iraq and has been able to resist the assaults by the affiliate of al Qaida in Syria, which is the Nusra Front. The radical philosophy of ISIS has been dismissed by multiple jihadis as too violent and bloodthirsty, but it is obvious enough from their recent successes that it will win many adherents to it. The strength of al Qaida is dependent of their affiliates that are operating in different countries, while ISIS is controlled centrally.


ISIS Influence in Raqqa

Ever since IS has taken over the city of Raqqa, it has become a kind of place back in the Stone Age, imposing their laws arbitrarily on the occupants of the city, claiming that the things that were taken for granted are no longer allowed in Islam. Those who oppose their ideals are arrested. Furthermore, they are imposing their exceedingly brutal doctrine through various universities and schools, which is the lifeblood of the culture of the city. A lot of the students from secondary schools are forced to travel to cities that are controlled by the Syrian leadership, and at the same time schoolteachers are even obliged to go through a course that spans a week. If they refuse to attend, they are not allowed to teach. Most of the core subjects are claimed incompatible with the law of God, which is supposed to be important in all kinds of education, such as sports, arts, history, geography, science and philosophy.


What did Dawkins try to say?

 Clinton Richard Dawkins was born on 26 March 1941. He is an evolutionary biologist ethnologist, and writer. He is a resigned fellow of New College, Oxford, and was also teaching the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford’s from 1995 until 2008. Today he is famous for being an atheist. Voltaire’s anti-Semitism was thorough. In its contempt for the primarily “primitive,” it forestalls greatly that is said about Muslims in Europe and the US nowadays. He is also saying that the Jews never were native philosophers, geometricians, or even astronomers.
That would major Islamophobe of modern world, famous Richard Dawkins proud, that can be concluded after he said that Nobel Prize winners who were Muslim are fewer than the University of Cambridge and then made a joke about middle ages when Muslims were the most modern group. In the wake up what’s happened in France, I think it’s worth m
aking a couple of points:
1) Free speech is not negotiable. Do we truly want to live in free societies (A question we should consider carefully before answer!)? If so, we must accept offensive, vile, destructive, and reductive speech as part of the bargain.
2) Accepting that those forms of speech will not be censored or punished by the government does not mean that we must personally find them ethically acceptable.
3) Free speech is also a negative right– the right NOT to have words put in your mouth. This goes for pledges of allegiance, motions of solidarity, etc.
4a) Charlie Hebdo magazine is a xenophobic, racist, obnoxious, destructive, reductive exercise in free speech. I want nothing to do with the kind of person who subscribes to such a magazine.
4b) Charlie Hebdo magazine exists to attack deeply held ideas indiscriminately. They have spent an inordinate amount of time attacking what amount to powerless populations in France (minority populations, relatively economically disenfranchised, socially ‘separate,’ lacking significant representation in government). This is not an action of a brave organization. This is punching down; it’s pure cowardice and it’s despicable.
4c) at the same time, I acknowledge and support their right to be all of those things in physical safety and without official recrimination.
At this moment in history, I think it’s more appropriate to say “I am with the people of Paris, I am not supportive of racist and destructive magazines, but I believe in dissent and the right of the ugly to exist.”
To mock a whole civilization and set of values on the basis of its number of Nobel Prizes, is as disappointing (rationally) as doing the same to women because men have won 20 times as many Nobel prizes, or implying on grounds of race that white Europeans or Americans are superior because they have more Nobels than others.


Louisiana gay marriage case

 The Louisiana petition was one of a kind in that sense that it remains unresolved at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, where a three-judge panel listened to arguments on Friday. There are seven couples that are part of the case, with many pursuing to marry and others pursuing to have marriages done somewhere else where it is recognized in Louisiana state. Gay marriage supporters seemed to find approachable addressees in the 5th Circuit U.S. Appeals on Friday (Jan. 9), as attorneys defending government bans on homosexual marriage retrieved skeptical questions from judges.
Throughout a three-hour inquiry in New Orleans, a three-judge board set to rule on the destiny of marriage regulations in the three states, receiv ed arguments from both sides. Homosexual marriage advocates observed from a crowded courtroom gallery. Two out of the three judges(Obama appointee James Graves and Reagan appointee Patrick Higginbotham) they asked doubtful questions
regarding the state’s point about protection of the sanction, hardly allowing attorney Kyle Duncan, who was representing Louisiana, complete his opening annotations. The state claimed that the high court should make choices about its case due to the traditional definition of marriage that is revealed regularly across Louisiana’s family laws, and also to think through a wider range of marriage laws, defended by a wider arrangement of legal arguments. Those against the law are mostly the older “Christian” people who believe the lie about the church creating marriages. It was only a few hundred years ago that churches got involved when it became profitable to rent out the halls. Before that the clergy were completely uninvolved with marriage ceremonies and at most a priest would give the couple a blessing for healthy children (for a donation). But you know how
it is, history is written by the winners and ignored by the foolish.
The Court’s rejection of assessment in the Louisiana homosexual marriage case is not a trustworthy indicator of the Court’s contemporary interest in the authority of the states to sanction homosexual marriage. The couples in the Louisiana case had asked the Court to dodge the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and take on the case as soon as possible.
TheJustices’ answer most likely indicates a wish not to impose into the review by the Fifth Circuit Court, which apparently held a hearing on the Louisiana case, and also two others. That happened just last Friday. The Justices have an isolated Conference arranged for Fridayof this week, and when it comes to the other cases, from the Sixth Circuit, they may also be considered then. A final word on that arrangement may come on Monday afternoon.