How to Improve Your Prayer Room

How to Improve Your Prayer Room

All Christians know the importance of a good prayer room. This is a sacred room, as it allows you to shut out the distractions of everyday life. You have the chance to look deep into your soul and talk with God. This prayer room must be tranquil and calming for you to be happy while inside it. It never hurts to put a little more effort into improving a room, especially if the payoff later is worth it. This article will go over a few tips about how you can make your prayer room the best that it can be.

Improve the Lighting

Having good lighting is good, so that the room does not appear to be too gloomy. If you want to study the pages of your bible in this room, you will need adequate lighting. LED lights are a good way to achieve this. You can get large LED light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling. You can decide on what type of light you would like, whether it be curved or straight. As well, LED lights come in different colours, if you wanted to add a different shade of light to your prayer room.

Add Personal Touches

One method that some people do is to print off photos of their friends and loved ones and keep them in their prayer room. You can look at these photos and remember to pray for them, and hope that their lives are going well. It also serves as a reminder that they may be going through some difficult times in their lives, and you could think of how you can help them. These photos could be tacked up on a wall, or even put in a photo album.

Add a Journal to Your Room

Having a journal in your prayer room is a good idea, because you have the freedom of writing down your uncensored thoughts. If you are praying, and you are struck by a sudden thought, you will be able to write it down immediately. This may be God’s way of giving you an idea He wants you to act on. This is a good way of keeping track of when God has responded to your prayers. You can write down exactly what it is that you are praying for, and check to see if any of them have come to pass later on.


Having a prayer room in your home is a good way of putting you closer to God. You can go inside this room and cut yourself off from everyone and everything around you. Even just spending ten minutes a day in this room can re-establish your relationship with God. Improving the lighting, adding photos of your loved ones, and placing a journal in the room are good ways to add value to the room. These things will help you as you strive to find peace for yourself and for all the good people around you.

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