Three Ways to Enhance Your Meditation

Three Ways to Enhance Your Meditation

While your actions certainly do make a difference in your overall happiness and spiritual health, we also must take the time to sit back and heed instruction. Time spent meditating allows you to listen to what God has to say to you, and it requires you to really listen and remove yourself from the many cares you experience during the course of any day.

Whether your meditation time consists of just a few minutes after you get the kids to bed or several hours in the morning as the sun rises, this time allows you to grow as a person, reflect on your life, plan for your future, and develop stronger character. There are three things you can do to ensure you’re making the most of this valuable investment of time.

1. Cooling Mattress Pads

cooling-mattress-padOne of the best places to be as we meditate is lying down in bed. This allows you to get into a comfortable position and more easily allow you to focus on the deep thinking you’re about to embark on. According to Learning Mind, when we meditate, our body temperatures are known to lower. This is also true as we drift off to sleep after a long day.

A great way to encourage relaxation in your meditate lying down in bed is to invest in a mattress pad with a cooling factor. These products begin cooling the body temperature more quickly, allowing you to more quickly transition into a meditative state. It can also significantly increase your comfort level, especially if it’s warm in the room, and comfort is a highly important factor in meditation.

2. Considering Your Diet

breakfast-mealWe don’t often associate what we had for breakfast or lunch when deciding how we can increase the quality of the little time we have to spend alone. However, the old adage “you are  what you eat” holds a lot more truth than many give it credit for. As the Harvard Business Review points out, the foods we eat have a direct impact on overall productivity whether that be work you’re doing with your hands or your mind. Just a few types of foods and their impact on your meditation include:

  • Fried, oily, and spicy foods can make you fidgety and less able to focus.
  • Canned and non-vegetarian foods can cause you to drowsy.
  • Fresh foods help keep you feeling light, so try to opt for foods on the outermost areas of the grocery store and avoid the aisles as much as possible.

3. Consider Group Meditation

group-sharing-at-the-beachMeditation is typically done while alone, and this certainly is an effective way to get in better touch with both God and yourself. However, consider inviting like-minded individuals to join you on occasion. This allows for you to become more engaged in your own meditation when you’re able to share your personal experiences with others. Furthermore, with the motivation of others, you are more likely to stick with a regular meditation schedule.


Getting Closer With God

We are encouraged in the Bible and other types of religious texts to take the time to speak with God through prayer. However, what all too many of us fail to do regularly and thoroughly is to take the time to listen to how God’s trying to answer us. Through regular meditation, you can develop a stronger relationship with the higher power that has a plan for us all, and these three helpful tips can help you make the most of this precious time.

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