Philosophical Article On Isis

Philosophical Article On Isis

What drives ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, to go as far as killing people? To what extent are they going after, until they are satisfied? Many people have conjured their own understanding of who these groups of people are, but the world knows how brutal and violent this group can be. They have hundreds of innocents who try to defy them, or even those that just do humanitarian aid.


General Information About ISIS

The United States of America has identified and classified as an international terrorist group. They are mainly operating in Syria and Iraq, and its main goal is to establish an Islamic state or caliphate, in the very same area they are occupying, including Lebanon. They are known for other names as well: the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


Connection Between al Qaida and ISIS

They were once allied with each other, but at some point in time, they seem to have internal struggles about the role of ISIS over Syria. al Qaida has said that ISIS’s ways in pushing their ideals are too brutal and have gone astray from the current push in toppling the President of Syria, Bashar Assad. Recently, the chief of al Qaida, Ayman al Zawahiri has issued an order to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, that they should withdraw, including its forces away from Syria, but the leader ignored such order.


Scale of Power Between ISIS and al Qaida

There is no exact details as to how much power both group holds, but basing on the recent victories on ISIS’s capture over military power and their control over a large expanse of land in many countries is enough to give them that their influence and power is far greater than al Qaida today. They have shown their prowess by besting the military of Iraq and has been able to resist the assaults by the affiliate of al Qaida in Syria, which is the Nusra Front. The radical philosophy of ISIS has been dismissed by multiple jihadis as too violent and bloodthirsty, but it is obvious enough from their recent successes that it will win many adherents to it. The strength of al Qaida is dependent of their affiliates that are operating in different countries, while ISIS is controlled centrally.


ISIS Influence in Raqqa

Ever since IS has taken over the city of Raqqa, it has become a kind of place back in the Stone Age, imposing their laws arbitrarily on the occupants of the city, claiming that the things that were taken for granted are no longer allowed in Islam. Those who oppose their ideals are arrested. Furthermore, they are imposing their exceedingly brutal doctrine through various universities and schools, which is the lifeblood of the culture of the city. A lot of the students from secondary schools are forced to travel to cities that are controlled by the Syrian leadership, and at the same time schoolteachers are even obliged to go through a course that spans a week. If they refuse to attend, they are not allowed to teach. Most of the core subjects are claimed incompatible with the law of God, which is supposed to be important in all kinds of education, such as sports, arts, history, geography, science and philosophy.

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