A Deeper Connection to Health Through a Deeper Connection to God

A Deeper Connection to Health Through a Deeper Connection to God

Have you ever stopped to consider why you do the things you do in life? Or how the things you feel affect your outer appearance? Finding a closer connection to the spiritual may be the key thing you need to achieve a healthier and more productive lifestyle, and all it takes is a little faith and a little bit of work.

Feeling Worn Down

Worn Out

If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day when you really shouldn’t be, perhaps it’s time to look at some of the underlying issues which may exist. What is the status of your health? Are you getting enough sleep? Is there something going on in your life?

Seeking answers from God is a good place to begin. Look inside yourself for these answers as you ask for spiritual guidance. Stress is just as much of a health issue as something more physical, and finding that connection can help guide you to the answers you need to find some relaxation.

Aches and Pains

Back Pain

There are numerous causes for aches and pains in your body, not the least of which is poor posture. We tend to find ourselves slouching or leaning over when times are hard. This causes undue strain on our joints and muscles, bringing about the kinds of pain we really don’t need in our lives.

This can be fixed fairly easily. Making a point to stand and sit up straight is important, as is working to get into a good mindset. Certain back braces can help with proper posture, as well. Looking toward the higher power can also gives us answers we may need to alleviate concerns we may feel, helping guide us back to the straight and narrow, quite literally when it comes to posture.


The phrase “money is the root of all evil” can be attributed, in my opinion, to the stress we feel when we don’t have enough of it. Bills need to be paid, families need to be fed and, frankly, sometimes a little fun needs to be had.

In times like these, it’s important to remember that God has a plan. Ask him for guidance and you may find the path you seek. Trust in yourself and trust that God will have a way to lead you to whatever you may need.

Wrapping Up

Many health issues can be boiled down to just a couple things, one of the most notable being mental health. By this, of course, I refer to issues of stress and worry, rather than psychological issues. By being introspective and looking toward a power higher than ourselves, we can begin to unravel the mysteries which sometimes surround the things which cause us the most concern.

Through communication with God, a proper diet, meditation, communication and exercise, we can bring ourselves to new heights, both improving our lives and the lives of those around us. This isn’t something to consider lightly. With every smile you are inclined to share, you make the world a bit brighter.

How to Improve Your Prayer Room

How to Improve Your Prayer Room

All Christians know the importance of a good prayer room. This is a sacred room, as it allows you to shut out the distractions of everyday life. You have the chance to look deep into your soul and talk with God. This prayer room must be tranquil and calming for you to be happy while inside it. It never hurts to put a little more effort into improving a room, especially if the payoff later is worth it. This article will go over a few tips about how you can make your prayer room the best that it can be.

Improve the Lighting

Having good lighting is good, so that the room does not appear to be too gloomy. If you want to study the pages of your bible in this room, you will need adequate lighting. LED lights are a good way to achieve this. You can get large LED light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling. You can decide on what type of light you would like, whether it be curved or straight. As well, LED lights come in different colours, if you wanted to add a different shade of light to your prayer room.

Add Personal Touches

One method that some people do is to print off photos of their friends and loved ones and keep them in their prayer room. You can look at these photos and remember to pray for them, and hope that their lives are going well. It also serves as a reminder that they may be going through some difficult times in their lives, and you could think of how you can help them. These photos could be tacked up on a wall, or even put in a photo album.

Add a Journal to Your Room

Having a journal in your prayer room is a good idea, because you have the freedom of writing down your uncensored thoughts. If you are praying, and you are struck by a sudden thought, you will be able to write it down immediately. This may be God’s way of giving you an idea He wants you to act on. This is a good way of keeping track of when God has responded to your prayers. You can write down exactly what it is that you are praying for, and check to see if any of them have come to pass later on.


Having a prayer room in your home is a good way of putting you closer to God. You can go inside this room and cut yourself off from everyone and everything around you. Even just spending ten minutes a day in this room can re-establish your relationship with God. Improving the lighting, adding photos of your loved ones, and placing a journal in the room are good ways to add value to the room. These things will help you as you strive to find peace for yourself and for all the good people around you.

Incorporating God With Motorcycle Riding

Incorporating God With Motorcycle Riding

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that my club is a “gang” and that all of us motorcycle groups are bad people. Let me tell you something-we are more than just a club. We group up together with other clubs to organize rides or “runs” for charity and all different causes. You may not know it, but there is an association called the Christian Motorcyclists Association. They’re a chapter of Christian motorcycle riders who put their helmets on, like the ones on this site, and they are set out to make a difference just like us.

About The Christian Motorcyclist Association

This amazing chapter is a ministry that has a strong commitment to change the world “one heart at a time”. They have a firm belief that God is calling out to them to do what they can to help those who have become lost in their ways to find Jesus again and to grow close to him. In 1974, a man by the name of Herb Shreve attended a motorcycle rally and saw just how many people attended them and realized that almost none of them knew Jesus Christ as their Savior. So, he made it his mission to reach motorcyclists with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with his religious freedom. In 1975, he started the non-profit charter known as the CMA.

What Do They Do?

Since the 1970’s, they have had over 160,000 applicants to join their organization and there are over 1,200 chapters in the United States. Not only are they here, but they are also recognized and grouped all over the world. Once you are approved for their organization, you are put through their program that is meant to make ministers out of their members. They have also been taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the prisons of America.


When the CMA has their state, regional, and national rallies, it is a time for fellowship, worship, and praise. They also play amusing bike games and speak words of encouragement, which everybody needs every once in awhile. In a way, we are kind of like this group. We have our rallies and rides for various causes to raise awareness for cancer, child abuse, lost lives, etc.

Their Ride Plan

The CMA has a very detailed ride plan for everybody, but it’s not your typical ride plan.

  • “I have come that they might have LIFE and have it to the fullest!” John 10:10. This is step one.
  • “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 16:25. Consider your destination. Don’t take a beautiful road that’ll lead to death. This is also true for your spiritual ride.
  • Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”, John 14:6. If something is separating you from your destination that cannot be overcome, you’re spiritual ride is done.


Contrary to what some may think, we aren’t set out to start trouble, make noise, be rowdy, nothing like that. Sure, some clubs may do that, but you shouldn’t have that mindset for everyone. The CMA proves that there are wonderful motorcyclists in the world who just want to make it a better place.

Things We Can Learn From God’s Most Unique Creatures

Things We Can Learn From God’s Most Unique Creatures

No matter how old we get, there are always ways in which we can learn something new. However, we all too often overlook life’s little lessons. After all, most of us are very busy, and it can be easy to overlook the seemingly small things all around us. There are a number of ways in which we can actively learn something new every day, and just a few of these include:

  • Watching short educational videos such as TED talks
  • Always having a book you’re reading
  • Opting for educational documentaries over movies or sitcoms after work

The possibilities are endless, and one way in which you can learn new lessons is to more carefully observe God’s most unique creatures. When you take the time to slow down and pay more attention to your surroundings, you’d be surprised at how much more insightful and wise you can become.

Ants Teach Us to Keep Moving Forward

We’ve all found ourselves bored, and, if you’ve ever messed around with an ant on a mission, you realize that they will keep on moving forward no matter what obstacle you put in its way. For example, if you place a stick in front of it, it will simply walk around it and keep heading wherever it was going.

We can learn a lot from the determination of ants. All too often we let minor issues cause us to break down and become distracted from our goals. From a Facebook message you get in the middle of your shift to finding out your water heater stopped working and more, you can easily find yourself putting everything on hold in order to worry about things you can’t control. However, next time you find yourself doing this, think of the wise ant and keep moving forward.

Turtles Teach Us to Keep Our Course

How many times has someone said something to you that made you seriously doubt your hopes and dreams? It happens all the time, and it can be something as seemingly innocent as an a remark in passing or a post on social media. However, only you know where you want to be in life, and negative opinions and other distractions only hinder you from getting there.

Take the turtle. If you see one walking, pick it up, and place it heading in the opposite direction. You’ll be surprised to find that they will pull themselves into their shell, turn around, and continue keeping their course in life. To experience for yourself the many lessons to be learned from these creatures, they can make great pets. All you need is a tank with a reliable filter. You can explore reviews to help make the best choice at

Learning to Work Together From Geese

If you’ve ever seen a flock of geese traveling through the sky, you may notice they assume a V formation. This is done to reduce air friction and make the trip easier for all involved. This can teach us a lot when it comes to working in groups. Whether you’re in school, have a project you’re in charge of at work, or just active in your social group, learning to work together can make life more enjoyable.

When a group has a common goal just as geese trying to travel to more accommodating weather, we can learn to take advantage of the momentum created by the group. In the case of geese, flying range can increase by as high as 70 percent as opposed to a solitary bird in its travels.

Life Lessons You Never Realized Were There

All your life, you’ve been surrounded by the many unique creatures God put on our planet. While we have learned to live together and even love one another, what we often fail to do is learn from each other. Even if you are like the approximately 15 percent of the population allergic to cats and dogs, this doesn’t mean you cannot observe other animals that you likely run into every day.
God gave human beings an inherent desire to learn new things, and it’s easy to see that it has gotten us a long way. While it can be easy to rely on the wisdom of others in order to make our own lives easier, what we all too often don’t realize is the many joys we miss out on when we overlook the life lessons that surround us at all times. By having a better understanding of the many ways in which God’s creatures can teach us, we become wiser, more insightful, and better able to connect with both people and animals.

Three Ways to Enhance Your Meditation

Three Ways to Enhance Your Meditation

While your actions certainly do make a difference in your overall happiness and spiritual health, we also must take the time to sit back and heed instruction. Time spent meditating allows you to listen to what God has to say to you, and it requires you to really listen and remove yourself from the many cares you experience during the course of any day.

Whether your meditation time consists of just a few minutes after you get the kids to bed or several hours in the morning as the sun rises, this time allows you to grow as a person, reflect on your life, plan for your future, and develop stronger character. There are three things you can do to ensure you’re making the most of this valuable investment of time.

1. Cooling Mattress Pads

cooling-mattress-padOne of the best places to be as we meditate is lying down in bed. This allows you to get into a comfortable position and more easily allow you to focus on the deep thinking you’re about to embark on. According to Learning Mind, when we meditate, our body temperatures are known to lower. This is also true as we drift off to sleep after a long day.

A great way to encourage relaxation in your meditate lying down in bed is to invest in a mattress pad with a cooling factor. These products begin cooling the body temperature more quickly, allowing you to more quickly transition into a meditative state. It can also significantly increase your comfort level, especially if it’s warm in the room, and comfort is a highly important factor in meditation.

2. Considering Your Diet

breakfast-mealWe don’t often associate what we had for breakfast or lunch when deciding how we can increase the quality of the little time we have to spend alone. However, the old adage “you are  what you eat” holds a lot more truth than many give it credit for. As the Harvard Business Review points out, the foods we eat have a direct impact on overall productivity whether that be work you’re doing with your hands or your mind. Just a few types of foods and their impact on your meditation include:

  • Fried, oily, and spicy foods can make you fidgety and less able to focus.
  • Canned and non-vegetarian foods can cause you to drowsy.
  • Fresh foods help keep you feeling light, so try to opt for foods on the outermost areas of the grocery store and avoid the aisles as much as possible.

3. Consider Group Meditation

group-sharing-at-the-beachMeditation is typically done while alone, and this certainly is an effective way to get in better touch with both God and yourself. However, consider inviting like-minded individuals to join you on occasion. This allows for you to become more engaged in your own meditation when you’re able to share your personal experiences with others. Furthermore, with the motivation of others, you are more likely to stick with a regular meditation schedule.


Getting Closer With God

We are encouraged in the Bible and other types of religious texts to take the time to speak with God through prayer. However, what all too many of us fail to do regularly and thoroughly is to take the time to listen to how God’s trying to answer us. Through regular meditation, you can develop a stronger relationship with the higher power that has a plan for us all, and these three helpful tips can help you make the most of this precious time.

It’s a Pew, Not a P.U.

It’s a Pew, Not a P.U.

The Lord may excuse you, accept you and love you if you have bad breath, but other humans may not. People visit the church to get nourishment from the pew, not discouragement from the P.U. As church folk, you must be mindful of the fumes that you emit during the Hallelujahs and hymnal praises. Only the Holy Spirit has the right to knock people down in the church. Your breath shouldn’t do that. Use these tips to ensure that your assembly with the congregation is a fresh one.

Stay Hydrated at All Times


lemon waterOnly Christ can give you the true living water, but Deer Park and other such manufacturers can offer you the bottled water.Do drink the bottled water and ensure that you get eight glasses of it in your system every day. Water washes away bad breath by removing some of the bacteria in your mouth and helping to clear the rest of your body of vile contents. Gatorade is an acceptable substitute only if you cannot tolerate any form of water. Otherwise, you can drink flavored sparkling water, or you can add a pinch of lemon to your regular water.




Floss and Irrigate Your Mouth

oral irrigatorLodged food particles are some of the main culprits of bad breath. The particles rot away inside of your mouth and produce a highly unfavorable aroma. You must floss to eliminate this issue. Many people are moving away from traditional dental floss and using water flossers. These electric units run a stream of water in between the teeth and dislodge the particles that way. Nine out of 10 dental professionals recommend water flossers because of their level of precision. Pearlywhytes offers a detailed look at several of the top options. You can select the option that looks like it will work for you.


Use Mouthwash that Does Not Contain Alcohol

mouthwashMouthwash can be a huge helper for you as long as you do not choose a brand that has alcohol in it. Even the most seemingly effective brands have alcohol in them, which causes mouth dryness. To maximize your oral health and tame your breath, you should use a product that is alcohol-free. Biotene is an example of a brand that works well in preventing dry mouth situations.



Chew Some Gum

chewing-gumGum chewing is an act that can help to eliminate bad breath in several ways. First, chewing gum activates the salivary glands, which releases saliva. Saliva is your friend when it comes to bacterial cleansing. Secondly, the gum releases a pleasant odor that can neutralize bad breath, at least for a little while. The best gum to chew is gum that has cinnamon in it, such as Big Red. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties in it as well as anti-inflammatory agents. Specialists say that cinnamon helps to prevent cavities. You can possibly chew your way to dental health.

Tame Your Tongue

The book of James goes into a lengthy discussion about how difficult it is to tame the tongue. The author refers to the tongue as an unruly evil that is full of poison. The author also says that the tongue can defile the whole body. That rings true from a spiritual aspect as well as a nasal aspect. Not many people will care to get to know the rest of you if your tongue ejects bacterial poison at them when you breathe. You can combat this little issue by using a tongue cleaner. A tongue cleaner allows you to scrape away bacteria and get to those hard-to-reach places that can cause halitosis.

You should be able to assemble with the brethren and enjoy a non-malodorous service by following the tips mentioned above. You can have confidence that your praise will be pleasant to those around you.

Church Yard Maintenance Made Easier

Church Yard Maintenance Made Easier

As representatives of God on Earth, it’s important that Christians portray to the rest of the world what our way of living looks like. A great way to achieve this is to ensure you’re doing what you can to reflect an aesthetically-appealing presence of your place of worship. Whether you’ve never done anything special to maintain your church yard or just want some ideas on how to spruce yours up for the community to enjoy, there are a few things you can start doing to create a positive image.

Update Your Lawn Tools

robotic lawn mowerMost of us possess the main ingredients when it comes to lawn care tools. While a functional lawnmower is a staple, there are so many new and exciting machines available to maximize your maintenance success. Finding a good weed eater and more of the latest tools in lawn care has never been easier, and just a few you should consider investing in include:

  • Zero-turn mower
  • Battery-operated weed eater
  • Cordless mulching mower
  • Electric leaf shredder
  • Cultivator
  • Wood chipper
  • Hedge trimmer

Test and Improve Soil

Flowers and other flora can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your church’s lawn, and what better way to pay tribute to God than by displaying just a sample of the beauty of His creation. However, in order to ensure your additions thrive, it’s a good idea to test and improve your soil.

You can start the process by contacting your local Cooperative Extension office. They can send a professional to test the soil. When they do, they will be checking to see if the soil is acidic, neutral, or alkaline through pH testing. The following measures can be taken to correct problems:

  • Soil is acidic- Acidic soil makes for a perfect breeding ground for nuisances such as weeds and diseases. It also makes various pesticides ineffective. To counteract acidic soil, lime can be used. This introduces a natural source of calcium and magnesium to encourage plant growth.
  • Soil is alkaline- Soil that’s alkaline typically occur in areas with little rainfall and can make it difficult for plants to receive the nutrients they need for optimal growth and health. In order to reduce alkalinity in your church’s soil, you can apply:
    • Soil conditioners with sulfur or gypsum
    • Sphagnum peat moss
    • Organic compost

For more information on the overall health of your church’s soil, you can visit the Government of Canada’s Canadian Soil Information Service.

Mow the Right Way

lawn-mowerMowing can prove to be a mundane task, and we typically just complete the job in rows until the entire lawn is finished. However, there are some helpful tips you should employ to maximize efficiency and quality of the work being performed. A few of these include:

  • Clear any debris ahead of time.
  • Review the turfgrass mowing height requirements to ensure you’re able to correctly prepare your lawn mower blade position.
  • Mow when grass is dry.
  • Mow moving forward.
  • Compost your bag clippings.
  • Keep mower blades sharpened and balanced to reduce the spread of disease and pests.

An Investment Worth Making

investmentWe only have one life to live, and walking in the footsteps of God is a great way to ensure you can live yours to the fullest. By following these tips, you can encourage both your flock and the community to follow the right path. You hold the keys to the creation of a positive image of your church in the community, and it all starts with their first impression when they drive by the church yard.

Christian Love – The Best Gun Control?

Christian Love – The Best Gun Control?

gun salesAs the seemingly endless debate over second amendment rights continues, gun sales have increased. One could argue that people are buying guns while they can, with the fear that they may not be able to do so at some point in the future. Along with the sale of guns goes the sale of accessories as well. Individuals looking for the best rifle scopes, for example, can find products and information, at Ship Mate List.


The information found online at, contains a lengthy list of arguments for and against gun control. After reviewing the points made by people on both sides of the issue, it becomes obvious that gun control is a subject that will continue to be debated for a long time. Christians may even find themselves wondering what the appropriate view from a biblical perspective is.

Since all the books of the Bible were obviously written long before the invention of gun powder, guns are not mentioned. Therefore, it is necessary to base our convictions on the basic principles taught by the Bible. One does not have to read very far into the Bible to find a record of the first murder. Genesis 4:8 tells us that Cain attacked and killed his Able, his brother. From that, it is easy to conclude that gun control will not prevent murder. When guns were not available, people simply used other weapons. For example, in Judges 3:16, Ehud made a short double-edged sword that he used to kill the king of Moab. Judges 4:21 tells of Jael driving a tent peg through Sisera’s head to kill him.


Can we fairly say that banning guns will stop murders? The answer is no, since brutal murders have been taking place long before the concept of guns. It is likewise unreasonable to think that a person whose intent is to break the law will be stopped from obtaining a gun because the law says he or she can’t have one. In this situation, the gun control law will do little more than assure criminals that they are less likely to be confronted with guns by the law abiding citizens they intend to hurt. Could this be why cities with the toughest gun control laws seem to have the highest crime rate in crimes involving guns?


Gun safety instructors will tell you that, more often than not, it is not necessary to fire the gun when it is used for protection. The threat alone is enough to scare off a would-be attacker. Therefore, is it fair to take this protection away from responsible people? Since laws will not stop criminals from breaking laws, and since murders have been taking place throughout history, perhaps there is a better way.

Christian LoveIn I Corinthians 13, Paul wrote about the better way of Christian love. Paul also spoke at length about salvation by grace through faith rather than the law. He goes on to say that the law is then established by faith. What this means is that Christian love does not require a law to prevent murder. Since laws do not prevent violence, perhaps the promotion of Christian values should be at the forefront of our discussions rather than seen as a politically incorrect subject to be discussing. The promotion of Christian love would go further in reducing violence than would enacting more laws that criminals are likely to find a way around anyway.